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Terms of Use and Privacy:

We respect your privacy!

The data and information collected are under the responsibility of title, and are neither shared nor traded.

The website does not request information from the visitor.
The only data collected is the name and e-mail of the visitors who chose to contract the services offered.
This data is not actively requested, it is transmitted by PayPal as soon as the visitor makes the payment for the contracted services.

The website uses PayPal to receive payments, so visitors who choose to contract the services must also have a PayPal account.

The website is not responsible for PayPal's privacy policies.

The website reserves the right to change its policies in the future, and without notice.

Terms of Use

The use of the website is extremely simple, on the home screen, access plans and their values ​​are presented.

The visitor must choose a plan, in addition to configuring the country of origin of the accesses, the URL to be accessed and the period of time to distribute these accesses.

After defining this information, the order will be saved.
At this point the visitor will be redirected to the payment area, where he can review the order data and make the payment via PayPal.

After confirmation of payment, the visitor, now a customer, will be redirected to the report document.
At this point, the customer will be able to start processing the accesses and monitor the statistics in real time.


  • After processing starts, the first access can take up to 5 minutes to occur.
    For exceptional cases, this can take up to 2 hours.

  • It will only be possible to start processing accesses after payment confirmation.

  • As the website does not have a login area, each order has a unique url, it is recommended that the contractor keep the order url, in case he wants to return in the future for a conference.
    The website stores this url in a cookie to facilitate access, thus offering a link to view the last order.

  • The website reserves the right to exceed by 12 hours the time period informed for the delivery of accesses.
    If all accesses are not delivered within this period, the payment will be returned.

  • The website provides the for support, questions and clarifications.

Access Concept:

For the processing of contracted accesses, the website operates with a timeout of 20 seconds. That is, if the url to be accessed does not respond in 20 seconds, the access is counted as a timeout error.

If the url performs a redirection, be it 301 or 302, each redirect is also counted as an access.

If the url responds as an error code, such as 404, 500, 503 and others, access will be counted as an error.

In the report of accesses in real time, the access count will be displayed, as well as accesses with errors, broken down by type of error.

The website is committed to delivering the amount of accesses contracted, without being responsible for errors. That is, the number of accesses contracted refers to the total number of accesses, not the number of successful accesses.

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