Configure your accesses:

Define your access plan.

  • 10,000 guaranteed accesses
  • 20,000 guaranteed accesses
  • 30,000 guaranteed accesses
  • 40,000 guaranteed accesses
  • 50,000 guaranteed accesses
  • 100,000 guaranteed accesses

We accept payment only with PayPal

We will refund your money if you have problems!
We guarantee contracted accesses or refund your money, check out our Refund Policy

Origin of accesses:

Define the country of origin of the accesses, you can choose more than one country.

  • Flag United States
    United States
  • Flag Netherlands
  • Flag Germany
  • Flag England
  • Flag Singapore

URL to be accessed:

Define the URL to be accessed, and how these accesses should be performed.

With http or https

Distribute accesses:

Define the period for which you want to distribute accesses. The accesses will be distributed in the informed period. It may vary with higher intensity peaks.

  • 01 Day 24 Hours
  • 02 Days 48 Hours
  • 03 Days 72 Hours
  • 04 Days 96 Hours

How it works:

  • 01
    Choose your plan and configure how your accesses should occur
  • 02
    Make the payment for the access plan using PayPal
  • 03
    Start access processing and follow the reports in real time.


  • How can I track accesses?

    You can follow through our report, or through analytics, either Google Analytics or any other tracking panel that is configured for your site.
  • How do you get access?

    When hiring an access plan, we put your site on several API's that will access your site on different servers and computers of real people.
  • How does the price of the plan work, will I be charged per month?

    Not! Our plans have a unique value valid for the number of accesses contracted.
  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, in case you have problems with the contracted accesses, we will refund your payment to your PayPal account.
    Check out our full refund policy by clicking here.
  • How soon will I start receiving accesses?

    After confirming your payment, you will be redirected to the control panel and access report, where you can start processing the access immediately. However, this process can take up to 5 minutes to start.
  • What are these accesses for?

    Accesses increase the popularity of your site, resulting in better positions in search engines, such as Google.
    They can also be used to inflate your pageviews, increasing the profitability of your ads.

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